Mouth Care Following Surgery

Following these instructions carefully will help to make your post-operative course comfortable and will help to avoid unnecessary complications.

  1. Care of the Mouth: You now have a dressing covering the tissues, which were surgically treated today. Let the dressing harden for 1 hour before eating and drinking anything warm or hot. Something cold may be had immediately following surgery.
  2. Loss of Surgical Dressing: The surgical dressing may chip off or come off completely following surgery. DO NOT BE CONCERNED. If the area is uncomfortable, call the office and we will be glad to replace the surgical dressing.
  3. Tooth brushing and Rinsing: After the first day of surgery, frequent rinsing of the mouth with warm salt water will aid in keeping your mouth clean (mouthwash may also be used.) YOU SHOULD brush and floss the teeth in any area that was not surgically treated.
  4. Discomfort: Following surgery, a certain amount of discomfort can be expected. You may take Tylenol or Ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin) as directed on the bottle. If something stronger may be needed, then your dentist will provide you with a prescription for that medication.
  5. Bleeding: A small amount of bleeding is normal following the day of surgery. If excessive bleeding begins, dampen a tea bag (non-herbal) in a glass of warm water and place on the bleeding area with pressure for approximately twenty minutes.
  6. Swelling: Ice is suggested. Apply to the face in the treated area for 10 minutes on and off for the first twenty-four hours. Warm compresses should be used for swelling after the first day.
  7. Eating: You may eat any food that you desire as long as you’re comfortable doing so. Avoid HARD, CHEWY, or SPICY foods.

If any complications occur that you are concerned about please feel free to contact one of the dental assistants in the office or your dentist. We will be glad to see you immediately if a problem arises.

“Dr. Diamond and his staff were great! I will definitely recommend him to everyone I know that needs dental work. Thanks.”
W.P, Maple Glen