Plastic Surgery/Cosmetic Procedures

Benefits of Mucogingival / Periodontal Plastic Surgery Therapy:

  • Regeneration of lost or deficient tissue
  • Development of an adequate width and thickness of gingiva to prevent further recession
  • More hygienic tissue contours
  • Protection of exposed root structure from sensitivity, erosion, and decay
  • Improved restorative access and retention
  • Gingival symmetry and harmony
  • Appropriate tooth length for a more aesthetic smile
  • Excellent cosmetic blending of tissue colors and contours
  • Enhanced orthodontic treatment results
  • Minimal surgical trauma and faster healing time
  • Improved predictability of surgical results
“While you don't want to go through gum surgery, if the need arises, I'd definitely come back to Dr. Diamond and his crew.”
J.A, Chalfont