Assess your risk of Periodontal Disease

Could you be one of the millions of people who have gum disease and don't know it?

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The American Academy of Periodontology's risk assessment test will help you see if you are at risk for having or developing periodontal (gum) disease. Millions of people don't know they have this serious infection that can lead to tooth loss if not treated.

Once your answers are submitted, a calculation determines whether you are at low, medium or high risk and generates a report of your results. This Periodontal Disease Risk Score and the information contained in your report should not be construed as dental advice or as a substitute for a comprehensive evaluation and diagnosis by a qualified practitioner. Rather, this report is intended to help educate patients about common risk factors related to periodontal diseases and to assist in the decision of when referral to a periodontist would be advisable.

“After receiving hours of dental surgery at no time did I experience any discomfort. It was a totally painless procedure. Incredible!”
N.W, Warminster